Sunday, July 14, 2013

Raspberry Pwn (PenTesting with Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pwn (released by Pwnie Express) is turn your Raspberry Pi into a full-featured security penetration testing and auditing platform.

It is fully open-source and includes the following testing tools:
SET Fasttrack kismet aircrack-ng nmap dsniff netcat nikto xprobe scapy wireshark tcpdump ettercap hping3 medusa macchanger nbtscan john ptunnel p0f ngrep tcpflow openvpn iodine httptunnel cryptcat sipsak yersinia smbclient sslsniff tcptraceroute pbnj netdiscover netmask udptunnel dnstracer sslscan medusa ipcalc dnswalk socat onesixtyone tinyproxy dmitry fcrackzip ssldump fping ike-scan gpsd darkstat swaks arping tcpreplay sipcrack proxychains proxytunnel siege sqlmap wapiti skipfish w3af

Here's how I setup it up:
pi@raspberrypi ~ mkdir work && cd work 
pi@raspberrypi ~/work/sudo apt-get install git 
pi@raspberrypi ~/work $ git clone 
pi@raspberrypi ~/work/Raspberry-Pwn $ sudo ./
Installing Raspberry Pwn

Later I'll post more articles on how the things work. Enjoy!