Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone still sucks

There are 2 groups of iPhone users: those who love it so much and hate it. This is the post for those who hate it.

OK, we all know iPhone sucks, partly it is due to iTune (another crap). And the number 1 reason I say "iPhone sucks" is because it has no easy way for your iPhone to connect to a new laptop. It will wipe off everything on your phone if you try to do it. Having a new laptop or re-install your laptop nowadays in common. It may due to virus or loss of your laptop. (Don't tell me to use MacBook, your MacBook can be stolen or affected by virus too).

Today, I found a way to overcome this issue when you bang into a similar situation next time.

Here's the step:

  1. Authorize your new laptop with the same iTunes account.
  2. Plug in your iPhone to the new laptop, and select File > Transfer Purchases [ This cause iTunes to transfer apps from iPhone to new laptop]
  3. Sync your iPhone with iTunes by click the Apps tab, ticking the sync apps link, and applying.  
  4. Now, right-click your device in the iTunes sidebar and select backup. 
  5. Now, just apply any update like iOS 5 like you normally would by click the Update button. 
All your apps and settings should remain in tact. Now should I say iPhone is not suck anymore?

No, iPhone still sucks because this method only transfer apps you've grabbed through the iTunes Store, which means, for example, the MP3s you'd synced to your device that you didn't buy from Apple probably gone (forever).