Saturday, April 30, 2011

A New Life with Cloud Computing

Most people know what Cloud Computing is. But, do you know how can someone begin his life with Cloud Computing?

Take an example of Amazon S3 cloud computing services. It stands for Simple Storage Service.

First, we can backup and/or archive all the local files (documents, media, etc) to S3, which available online from everywhere later on. Most of us may currently backup/archive our files using a portable hard disk. Let's see what's the cost of choosing S3 instead of portable hard disk.

S3 operates on a basis of paying only for what you use, with separate fees for storage, data transfer and data requests. Ignoring data request fees because the cost is minimal, the fees break down as follows:

Storage: 5GB free, then $0.15/GB per month (100GB = $15)
Data Transfer (Upload): $0.10/GB
Data Transfer (Download): $0.15/GB

As an example then – if you used it to store 100GB of data – it would cost you $10 to upload it all, $15 per month to store it, and a further $15 when you decided to download it all again.

So do you need to buy a 250GB portable hard disk and carry it everywhere you go?

Secondly, we may want to backup/archive all the online information we had, such as social feeds and online personas.

Again, by using Amazon S3 and Backupify, it simplifies and automates the backup/archive of all these below.
Automatic Backup by Backupify

Most important is, it allows you to search from the backup easily!

And finally, your life will be uncluttered with this cloud computing.