Tuesday, February 01, 2011

10 Advanced GMail Search Examples

1. Example: in:inbox label:facebook is:unread
(Search for all unread emails labeled facebook inside inbox.)
2. Example: in:anywhere from:peter
(Search for all emails regardless where it’s stored (spam, inbox, trash) received from anyone with the name Peter.)
3. Example: is:unread after:2010/06/01 before:2010/07/01
(Search for all unread mails for the month of June. )
4. Example: from: peter@emailadress.com has:attachment
(Return all emails with attachments sent by peter@emailadress.com)
5. Example: in:inbox "meeting"
(Search inbox for any emails with the keyword "meeting" in it.)
6. Example: from:peter@emailaddress.com has:attachment filename:zip
(Return only emails received from peter@emailaddress.com with .zip attachments.)
7. Example: "facebook" -from:@facebookmail.com
(Return all emails with the keyword "facebook", excluding those sent by facebook.com)
8. Example: to:peter OR cc:peter
(Return all emails sent to or carbon copied Peter.)
9. Example: label:google OR from:@google.com
(Return all emails received from google.com or labeled "google".)
10. Example: "meeting" is:chat
(Return all chat log files with keyword "meeting" in it.)

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