Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Note in Reader Bookmarklet

Today, I learn how to use Google Reader as my bookmark service. I can even create a shortcut to store any interesting article with highlight.

  1. Goto Google Reader, Notes section (upper left corner).
  2. Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.
  3. Add the link to Google Chrome Search Engine (create shortcut).
To add into Note in Reader:
  • Browse to any interesting article, and highlight the sentence you like.
  • Either click on the bookmarklet;
  • Or type the shortcut at the address bar.
  • You may tag what you store in the note too.

  • You can easily search your bookmark items with Google Reader.
  • The bookmark service cache the post even the website is down.
  • Can keep items unread.
  • Easily share them (as they are treated as feeds).