Saturday, December 18, 2010

Microsoft Security Essential 2.0

Microsoft’s Security Essentials has been my favorite anti-malware application since it launched. It’s free, unobtrusive, and it doesn’t slow PC down. Now it’s even better with the new 2.0 release, which adds network filtering, IE integration, heuristic protection:

  • Network Traffic Inspection integrates into the network system and monitors the traffic at a low level without slowing down your PC, so it can actually detect threats before they get to your PC.  
  • Internet Explorer Integration blocks malicious scripts before IE even starts running them—clearly a big security advantage. 
  • Heuristic Scanning Engine finds malware that hasn’t been previously detected by scanning for certain types of attacks. This provides even more protection than just through virus definitions.  

These new features make MSE on par with other anti-malware applications, especially the heuristic scanning. Download it today at