Sunday, September 05, 2010

How to Bridge Windows Virtual PC (Windows 7) to use Host Computer Wireless Network

If you are using Windows Virtual PC in Windows 7, you may notice that the Windows Virtual PC is different than the Virtual PC 2007, because it can't use the host computer wireless connection for bridging. This problem can be easily solved by switching VMware player/workstation/server.

If you are looking for the solution for your Virtual PC 2007, see here. Here, I'll show you how I hack Windows 7 to make this work in wireless network.
  1. Create and start wireless hosted network in Windows 7. See the detail here.
  2. Enable (host) wireless adapter to allow ICS for MS Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter. See the detail here if it is disable by network administrator.
  3. At your Virtual PC, Set "Networking Adapter" to use "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter".
Now, your Virtual PC should start getting a new IP address from DHCP, and should be connecting to network like using the wired network (Ethernet).