Friday, September 17, 2010

Announcing The Nessus iPhone App

Announcing The Nessus iPhone App: "

Tenable is pleased to announce the official release of the Nessus iPhone app! The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and contains the following features:

  • Connect to a Nessus server (4.2 or later)

  • Launch existing scan templates on a server

  • Start, stop or pause running scans

  • Create and execute new scans and scan templates

  • View and filter reports

You will need iPhone or iPod Touch iOS 4.0 or later in order to run the app. Following are some screenshots of the application in action:

The first thing you will need to do is add a new Nessus server:


There is no hard limit as to how many Nessus servers can be in the list. Once a server has been added you can connect to it:


Once logged in you can create or launch scans or view reports:


Viewing reports allows you to browse Nessus reports and apply filters:


Scans can be added and saved as templates:


Existing or newly created scans can be launched or paused:


We hope Nessus users will take advantage of the new iPhone app and its features to manage or initiate scans on the go. For more information please visit the Nessus Discussion Forums.