Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Your Location?

There are a few ways provided by Google, to show your location, or geotagging, when you post to your blog site or sending email.

  1. Google Latitude: to see your friends on map. You can check this using your phone, computer, or both.
  2. Gmail Message Signature: Enable "Location in Signature" option in Gmail Labs, and follow by "Append your location to the signature" in Setting page, it will be able to see where you send the email out. With Google Gear install, the Gears Geolocation API can make use of network servers to determines the client's position including the client's IP address and information about any cell towers or WiFi nodes it can detect. Cool!
  3. Blogger Geotagging: This is an option only enabled in Blogger in Draft. It provides an option to add location in the post editor. You can search, zoom, click, drag on a map to choose and save a location.