Saturday, August 30, 2008

Full Access to Locked iPhone

Recently, there is a security flaw disclosed to allow full access to a locked iPhone (running firmware version 2.0.2). To exploit a locked (vulnerable) iPhone:
  • Enter the emergency call menu (of a locked iPhone).
  • Double tap the HOME button (to open the Favorites menu).
This will allow anyone in the favorite list to be called. From there, an attacker can access to SMS messages and potentially your email or Safari browser.

The workaround for this flaw while waiting for the next firmware update:
  • Simply enter the Settings menu on your iPhone
  • Then enter General > Home Button
  • Select “Home” or “iPod”.
Now when you double tap your home button, it will navigate to either your home screen. While this fix might be annoying for some, as of right now it seems like the only way to secure your locked iPhone.